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X-Games, World Cup and whatever´it is likely that all eyes will be on a far more important event instead: the definitely-not-FIS-sanctioned 8th Annual Nanshan Mogul Slope Race Extremeness will be held this February 23rd at 1:00pm sharp, with international slope race pros travelling from all over globe for this world renowned event. This is going to be one for the books as last years live webcast already broke the internet. Who will take top honours this year? Who will take home some sweet prizes from Union, Nitro, Skullcandy, JBMC or Volcom? It¨s anyone¨s guess!

This is the most important event in Chinese snowboarding. For real. Be there!

  Date: Saturday, February 23rd
Time: 1 pm
Location: Back mogul slope, Nanshan Ski Village, Beijing, CHINA





Date Event Spot

28th Oct

^bromance ̄ China Snow Movie World Premiere Beijing

8th Dec

Nanshan Mellow Park Opening Nanshan

15th Dec

JBMC Method Off Nanshan

22nd Dec

Volcom presents True To This Nanshan

5th,6th Jan

17th Nanshan Open Nanshan

19th Jan

VANS Hi Standard Nanshan

25th,26th,27th Jan

Nanshan Freeski Open Nanshan

16th Feb

BURTON Hike and Hit Nanshan

23rd Feb

Mogul Extreme Nanshan

11th May

Qiaobo Railgarden Opening Qiaobo

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