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With the smell of winter in the air, we're super excited to kick off our winter season with the official Park Opening day of the Nanshan Mellow Park, Saturday December 10th. Get ready for a serious shred session with the first park features of the season set up, complete with beats pumping and top snowboard photographers on-site to capture and post all the action onto Weibo, Wechat and whatever is out there! Check the park map of how awesome the park will be this winter below and come on down to join the fun! we definitely will have the easy and beginner line ready for fun!




Date Event Spot

11th May

Qiaobo Railgarden Opening Qiaobo

19th Sep

King of the Park Qiaobo

26th Oct

^NO! Classic ̄ China Snow Movie World Premiere Beijing

7 Dec

Nanshan Mellow Park Opening Nanshan

14 Dec

SALOMON tryout day Nanshan

21 Dec

JBMC Night Method Off Nanshan

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