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With the Chinese New Year just around the corner do yourself a favour and grab your board to do the best trick out there. A method. You have not done one yet? No worries, come and we teach you. The fourth annual JBMC Method-Off goes down this February 6th in the Nanshan Mellow Park. See you there!

Date: Saturday, February 6th
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Nanshan Mellow Park, Nanshan Ski Village, Beijing, CHINA





Date Event Spot

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Qiaobo Railgarden Opening Qiaobo

19th Sep

King of the Park Qiaobo

26th Oct

^NO! Classic ̄ China Snow Movie World Premiere Beijing

7 Dec

Nanshan Mellow Park Opening Nanshan

14 Dec

SALOMON tryout day Nanshan

21 Dec

JBMC Night Method Off Nanshan

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