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Join us in the Nanshan Mellow Park this January 30th to finally get rewarded for style! Kicking off at 11am in the Nanshan Mellow Park, the Vans Hi Standard competition features a jam session on a small and medium sized kicker, with a surprise Vans global team rider as guest judge on hand to award you cash for your tricks!

Here¨s how it works: Riders drop and do their best tricks, and if stomped with style a cool RMB50 will be handed over - or RMB100 if the judge is extra impressed! With no spins over 720 degrees allowed (that means no triple corks!), this is your chance to really express your individual riding style - we¨re talking methods, super boned out fs airs, or even try and make up your own new trick!
Following the kicker session the action moves to the jib section, with a winner-takes-all jam session for the single best trick on one of the obstacles (so two winner-takes-all), along with a ton of extra spot prizes along the way!

See you style-masters there!

Date: Saturday, January 30th
Time: 11:00am
Location: Nanshan Mellow Park





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