Qiaobo Railgarden will open up again on the 11th of May!

Finally! The wait is over and summer shred is just around the corner! The Qiaobo Railgarden is about to open up again on the 11th of May so you rail ninjas can try out some new tricks during the off season or just get your shred fix whenever you want it. We start off with a jam session that day and all those awesome moves will be rewarded with spot prizes by our sponsors UNION, dB, VOLCOM, DEELUXE and CAPITA.

Situated inside the refrigerated warehouse 'Qiaobo Ice & Snow World' just outside of Beijing, the Qiaobo Railgarden features all the jibs you ever wanted to shred. From easy to hard, everybody will find something to hit. Basically there could be no drag lift (we have 2 btw) and it would still fun to hike every single obstacle. Of course we also have a small kicker and a roller for all those who want to catch some air as well.

Host to a number of grassroots events, including our own mellowparks.cn park clinics this summer the park is shaped twice and accessible daily from 10am to 9pm by bus or subway from the center of Beijing. Well, what are you waiting for!?



big line:
- double tubes / 4m x 2
- flat rail / 6m
- waterfall rail / 8m
- kicker / 4m

small line:
- flat tube / 6m
- round box / 4m
- fun box / 6m
- roller / 2m









  Map of how to get there below. For ticket prices or more information, check out the Qiaobo Ice & Snow World webpage by clicking the Qiaobo logo below.      
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