2018/12/22 The 17th Nanshan Open (5th and 6th of January 2019)

Here we go again! Chinas first ever snowboarding contest, the Nanshan Open continues its hot streak as one of the most talked about events in China as it enters its 17th year. Yes, 17 years of fun and progression...more


2018/12/15 Volcom presents: True To This Rail Jam (the Volcom Baozi Jam is back yo!)

Mark your calendars cause this December 22nd Volcom will present the True To This Railjam in the Nanshan Mellow Park. This one is...more


2018/12/14 JBMC Method-Off or ^its about time that u add the best grab ever in ur bag of tricks ̄

With a new shred season just started do yourself a favour and grab your board to do the best trick out there. A method. ...more


2018/1/27 Vans Hi Standard 2018 - It¨s all about style

Join us in China¨s finest snow park, the Nanshan Mellow Park, on Sunday January 28st for one of the best events of the year, the Vans Hi Standard, to get rewarded...more


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