The Beijing World Premiere of 'Seven' has come and gone, and it was the freakin' bomb! Despite APEC meetings putting stress on the city's transport systems, the place was packed...more


2014/11/3 'SEVEN' - presented by Red Bull - WORLD PREMIERE

You've seen the teaser, now get to the premiere! Our 2014 Chinese snowboard movie "Seven" will be unveiled to the public in style with a country-wide premiere tour this November, starting with...more


2014/10/29 ^Seven ̄ - a Chinese snowboard movie presented by Red Bull´TEASER TIME!

Party people, there's less than 2 weeks until the world premiere of our Chinese Snowboard Movie ^Seven ̄ in Beijing! To shorten...more


2014/9/29 Next Event: King of the Park

With winter fast approaching join us inside the big Qiaobo fridge for one last summer shred with the King of the Park competition! This October 18th we kick off winter right with an afternoon jam session to find the...more


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