8th Annual HORSEFEATHERS Mogul Slope Race Extremeness presented by DEMON tour at Nanshan and Thaiwoo

The mogul slope race extremeness is back! With not only one stop but two! and this two are most likely the most important snowboard events worldwide. Ever.

The definitely-not-FIS-sanctioned 8th Annual HORSEFEATHERS Nanshan Mogul Slope Race Extremeness presented by DEMON will be held this February 24th at 11:00am sharp, with international slope race pros likely to be travelling from all over globe for this world renowned event - including horsefeathers pro team rider MaGuoSen!

One week later the 2nd stop of the tour will be held in the Thaiwoo Rave Park. Who will take top honours this year? Who will take home some sweet prizes from Horsefeathers and Demon? It¨s anyone¨s guess! Everybody that shows up definitely earns lots and lots of fame.

To keep it fair at an international super event like this we have a male and female division.

See u there! Its going to be A W E S O M E

Date: Saturday, February 24th
Time: 11 am
Location: Back mogul slope, Nanshan Ski Village, Beijing, CHINA


Date: Saturday, March 3rd
Time: 1 pm
Location: Thaiwoo Rave Park, Thaiwoo Ski Resort, Chongli, CHINA



  Vans Hi Standard 2018 - It¨s all about style - AND Vans Landline World Premiere

Join us in China¨s finest snow park, the Nanshan Mellow Park, on Sunday January 28st for one of the best events of the year, the Vans Hi Standard, to get rewarded for your super style!

Kicking off at 11am the Vans Hi Standard features a jam session on a small and medium sized kicker. Do something stylish and the judges award you Van Doren $$$ that u can afterwards change into hard RMB for your tricks!

Here¨s how it works: Riders drop and do their best tricks, and if stomped with style a cool RMB20 will be handed over - or 40, 60, 80 or even RMB100 if the judges are extra impressed! Who knows? With no spins over 720 degrees allowed (that means no double, triple or quad corks for a change), this is your chance to really express your individual riding style - we¨re talking backscratchers, tindies, super boned out tail grabs, rocket airs, or even try and make up your own new trick!

Following the kicker session the action moves to the jib section with 3! obstacles an a winner-takes-all jam session for each single best trick on one of the obstacles (so actually 3 winner-takes-all), along with a ton of extra spot prizes along the way! Oh, and of course Van Doren $$$ for awesome stylish jib tricks as well.

Word on the streets is that the Vans China team and global riders Jake Kuzyk, Sam Taxwood, Dan Liedahl (better known as ^danimals ̄) as well as Pat Moore will be at the Nanshan Mellow Park to shred with u guys!

If all the above is not cool enough already we have another highlight of this winter in the evening: the Vans Landline Movie Premiere in Beijing the same day! This will be the snow movie of the year so don¨t miss it.

See you style-masters there!

What: Vans Hi Standard
Date: Sunday, January 28st
Time: 11:00am
Location: Nanshan Mellow Park
free entry with your lift pass and every rider gets an awesome Vans Hi Standard jersey


What: Vans Landline Movie Premiere
Date: Sunday, January 28st
Time: 19:00
Location: DengDeng Cafe, 751 District, Beijing
free entry and drinks



  BURTON hike and hit - Nanshan Stop

Come and join us for the second leg of the BURTON hike and hit event series in our Nanshan Mellow Park. For this one we will have a dedicated jib line set up that everybody can enjoy.

The fun will start at 13:00 sharp and we do it like back in the days when there has been no chairlifts´hike and then hit and then do it over and over again. Jam session style and the best tricks are rewarded with tons of awesome prizes provided from our friends at BURTON snowboards.

See you shredders soon!

Date: Saturday, January 20th
Time: 13:00
Location: Nanshan Mellow Park



  The 16th Tmall Nanshan Open

And´.we are back! Not that we have ever been gone but this year we are back again bigger and badder!
The Tmall Nanshan Open continues its hot streak as one of the most talked about contests in China as it enters its 16th year. Yes, 16 years of fun and progression under our belt.
With Beijing hosting the Winter Olympics in 2022, snowboarding is rapidly gaining a huge fan base in China and the Tmall Nanshan Open is where a lot of locals get their first taste of the sport in person.
The local Mellowparks.cn park and event crew put together one of Asia¨s top slopestyle terrain parks, combining a perfectly shaped double kicker line with creative jib features, all located in the Nanshan Mellow Park just outside of Beijing. As a true `by-riders-for-riders¨ event, the organisers are no desk-jockeys, seen testing the kickers themselves on training day.
It¨s clear this team shares a strong passion, surrounding the event with a truly friendly and enjoyable atmosphere!
We offer locals an opportunity to shred a perfect park with their friends, get World Snowboarding Tour Ranking points and a decent prize purse as well! See you on the 6th!

16th Tmall Nanshan Open, World Snowboarding National Event, Trainings Day (Saturday, 6th of January 2018)

Event open to everybody (male only event, female encouraged to participate. Best female receives prize in kind.)
09:00 C 10:30 Sign up / Official Opening
10:30 C 12:00 Training
12:00 C 13:00 Lunch break and park maintenance
13:00 C 15:30 Training with Photographers on site

16th Tmall Nanshan Open, World Snowboarding National Event (Sunday, 7th of January 2018)

1st = RMB 8.000 + prizes in kind / World Snowboarding Points List (WSPL) points
2nd = RMB 4.000 + prizes in kind / WSPL points
3rd = RMB 3.000 + prizes in kind / WSPL points
4th = RMB 1.000 + prizes in kind / WSPL points
(All participants receive WSPL points)
Best female receives prizes in kind

Open to everybody. Each rider will have two runs; the best one of the two counts. The top 4 riders will progress into afternoon¨s super final with two runs, best one counting as final score.

09:30 C 10:30 Warm up
10:30 C 12:30 1st and 2nd run
12:30 C 13:30 Lunch break and park maintenance
13:30 Announcement top 4 male for super finals
13:30 C 14:00 Warm Up and open riding
14:00 C 14:30 Super Final (top 4, 2 runs)
14:45 Prize Giving

Speaker: Zdarsky Stephan (AUT)
Starters: Yunfei (PRC), Fanlei (PRC)
Headjudge: Ishi San (JPN)
Judges: Huang Marco (PRC), Mi Mark (PRC)
Tabulation and Points: Huxue (PRC)


Slopestyle (choose your line): Judges will be looking at
• Execution, including take off, maneuver control, landing, style
• Difficulty
• Amplitude
• Variety
• Combinations
• Risk
• Progression
• Technical Nature

A little history´

It began over a decade ago as the `Nanshan Open¨, when a small group of friends threw the first snowboard competition ever held on Chinese soil with just a handful of riders and a case of beer as the top prize. As the contest has evolved and grew the following years, it earned global recognition in 2007 as a 3Star stop on the World Snowboard Tour. The Nanshan Open has `leveled up¨ since then to International Level status, and is now one of the largest slopestyle competition in Asia on the World Snowboarding Tour.
The event has hosted a who¨s-who of up-and-coming riders, including numerous Olympians, Transworld¨s `Rookie of the Year¨ Austin Smith, female superstars Hana Beaman and Leanne Pelosi, along with the Isenseven, Nitro RoadWarriors and Pirate Movie Productions film crews. Not to forget last years Air & Style overall winner Marcus Kleveland of course. So many names and good shredders have visited us over the years it could fill a book.
Past winners of the event include Billtoft Ludvig (2016), Mons Roisland (2015), Mathias Weissenbacher (2014), Jeremy Thompson (2013), Juuso Laivisto (2012 and 2010), Janne Korpi (2011) Freddy Austbo (2009), Jakob Wilhelmson (2008) and Hampus Mosesson (2007), with a `guest judge¨ line-up equally impressive including Travis Parker, Michi Albin, Ingemar Backman and Scotty Wittlake.

What the riders say´

^The Nanshan Open in China was amazing. From the moment we arrived in Beijing we
were taken care of so well. Amazing dinners every night, nice hotels and we got to do lots of touristy stuff´ The comp was fun too, definitely one of my better snowboarding experiences ̄ C Nick Brown, 2010
^It was for me the best competition of the season, really good time C whole week, good crowd, crazy parties´ and I won! ̄ C Mathias Weissenbacher, 2014
^Absolute best time ever! I hope I can come to this competition every year for the rest of my life´ ̄ C Ian Thorley, 2013, 2014
^Going to China was awesome. I broke my nose, split it open, jacked my ankle up, but I had a great time. It was a super rad experience. ̄ C Hana Beaman, 2013



  Volcom presents: True To This

This Dezember 23rd Volcom presents: True To This in the Nanshan Mellow Park. This one is all about having fun with your homies and we all together will be doing some serious rail and box shredding that day. The Volcom China snow team will be on site riding with you and our legendary judges will be picking out the best tricks on a dedicated jib line plus there is tons of stuff up for grabs courtesy of Volcom. Entry is free with your lift ticket and includes free food and free drinks! Guys, girls, kids and of course the elderly are all welcome - see you there!

Date: Saturday, 23rd December
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Nanshan Mellow Park



  BURTON hike and hit - Thaiwoo Stop

Come and join us for the first event of this season up in our Thaiwoo Rave Park. For this one we will have a dedicated jib line set up that everybody can enjoy.

The fun will start at 13:00 sharp and we do it like back in the days when there has been no chairlifts´hike and then hit and then do it over and over again. Jam session style and the best tricks are rewarded with tons of awesome prizes provided from our friends at BURTON snowboards.

See you there for possibly the most real event in Chongli this season! Oh, and thats not all´we have not one but two BURTON hike and hit events for you! Second stop of the BURTON hike and hit will be at the Nanshan Mellow Park on the 20th of January!

Date: Wednesday, December 20th
Time: 13:00
Location: Thaiwoo Rave Park by mellowparks.cn, Thaiwoo Ski Resort, Chongli



  A hail to the best grab out there - JBMC Method-Off

With a new shred season just started do yourself a favour and grab your board to do the best trick out there. A method. You have not done one yet? No worries, come and we teach you. The annual JBMC Method-Off goes down this December 16th in the Nanshan Mellow Park. See you there!

Date: Saturday, December 16th
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Nanshan Mellow Park, Nanshan Ski Village, Beijing, CHINA



  Thaiwoo Rave Park by mellowparks.cn opens up on the 2nd of December

Well, not only are both mini parks at the Nanshan Mellow Park and the Thaiwoo Rave Park already fully shred-able but also will we be kicking off our winter season with the Thaiwoo Rave Park opening on the 2nd of December and the Nanshan Mellow Park opening a week later!

That¨ right! Two weekend, 2 park openings!

Pack your gear and get ready for a serious first shred session! Check below the Thaiwoo Rave Park maps and see by yourself of how awesome the setup will be this winter. Come on down (or up, depending on where u live) to join the fun! Word on the street is the mini park setups that have now already been setup for a week have been a massive amount of fun!



  King of The Park 2017 

With winter fast approaching, join us inside the big Qiaobo fridge for one last summer shred with the King of the Park competition! This October 21st we kick summer away with an afternoon jam session to find the ultimate summer shredder (and shreddette) to crown King and Queen of the Park. We'll be pumping tunes and good vibes throughout the park all day long, u can shred with all ur friends AND there will be a ton of spot prizes from Nitro, Deeluxe, Volcom, Dragon and Union to get u set up with the newest gear for the upcoming winter. Good times ahead!

What: King (and queen that is) of the Park
When: October 21st, 2017, 2:00pm
Where: Qiaobo Mellow Park, Qiaobo Ice & Snow World, 6 Shun'an Lu, Shunyi, Beijing



  Qiaobo Mellow Park 

The Qiaobo Mellow Park acts as the ultimate training facility for our off-season. Situated inside the refrigerated warehouse 'Qiaobo Ice & Snow World' just outside of Beijing, the Qiaobo Mellow Park features an easy & medium park with up to 5 jibs and two kickers for everybody¨s pleasure. The whole setup is perfect for early riders to start stepping up their game or for serious shredders to get an even bigger bag of tricks.
Host to a number of grassroots events this summer, shaped twice a day and accessible daily from 10am to 10pm by bus or subway from the center of Beijing, what are you waiting for!?
- waterfall rail / 8m
- down box / 6m
- fun box / 6m
- flat tube / 7m
- down tube / 6m 
- kicker / 5m
- mini kicker / 2m








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