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NIKE 6.0 Nightrail Session Video Online! mellowparks.cn-

We won't bore you with words, so just instead jus check out the video we've made of last Saturday's super fun session by...more


While the majority of China¨s population has been captivated by the recent Winter Olympics and introduced to a certain...more


This weekend we bring you not one, but two killer events in a Double-Banger Saturday to satisfy your end-of-winter snowboard cravings...more

NIKE 6.0 Nightrail Session hits Nanshan this February mellowparks.cn-

This February 27th China¨s rail-ninjas converge on Nanshan Ski Resort for a night of hardcore jibbing like no other! Featuring a fresh competition format...more

Snowy Fat Saturday Rounds Off Weekend mellowparks.cn-

With a total of 10cm of snow dumped over the weekend, we enjoyed an overcast Fat Saturday #3 as the cooler weather...more

New Mellowparks.cn Mini-video Out! mellowparks.cn-

Made exclusively by Mellowparks.cn, check out our first attempt at movie-making! Featuring the park shaping crew & friends shredding...more

Fat Saturday #3 This Weekend! mellowparks.cn-

With Fat Saturdays #3 rolling into town some of you may have noticed the park has been recently reshaped with one thing in mind - FUN!...more

Nitro Roadwarriors in China mellowparks.cn-

The Nitro Roadwarriors super-crew that was just with us for the 8th Red Bull Nanshan Open has finished off their first sweet-as movie...more

Another Beaufitul Fat Saturday! mellowparks.cn-

For the second weekend in a row, we were blessed with incredible weather for the second stop on our Fat Saturdays...more

Get Fat this Saturday! mellowparks.cn-

No, we're not talking about heading to McDonald's - instead come by the Quiksilver Nanshan Mellow Park this January 30th...more

Full 6 minute 8th Red Bull Nanshan Open video now also online! mellowparks.cn-

Good things take time, and they say bigger is better... so we've decided to go ahead and share with you the full 6 minute video. This one offers more of a behind-the-scenes...more

4 minute 8th Red Bull Nanshan Open video online! mellowparks.cn-

Loved the 1 minute video we posted last week, but wished there was more? Check out the 4 minute ...more

Awesome times had by all at first Fat Saturday stop! mellowparks.cn-

With quite possibly the best weather we've had all season, some super-tasty hot dogs and some awesome demo gear available, over the weekend we enjoyed...more

First Fat Saturday to hit Quiksilver Nanshan Mellow Park this Weekend mellowparks.cn-

Hot off the heels of the 8th Red Bull Nanshan Open comes our signature Fat Saturdays event to help transfer all that stokedness out of your body...more

Missed all the action? Check out our first vid from the weekend's big competition here! mellowparks.cn-

Check out the 1-minute best of video from the 8th Red Bull Nanshan Open by clicking the link above - and yep, it's on...more

Juuso Laivisto Wins 8th Red Bull Nanshan Open! mellowparks.cn-

Yet another incredible day of action as Juuso took home first place at the 8th Red Bull Nanshan Open! Click the thumbnail above to...more

8th Red Bull Nanshan Open Day 1 Picture Gallery Online mellowparks.cn-

A super sick day of action means we have an equally sick gallery full of pictures now online! Click...more

Zhang Wei to step in for injured Li Peng Huan mellowparks.cn-

Unfortunately Li Penghuan was injured during the warm-up day. However qualifier runner-up Zhang Wei will now instead take his...more

Sick shots online from 8th Red Bull Nanshan Open Warm-up Day! mellowparks.cn-

Today all 30 competing local and international riders had their first day in the Quiksilver Nanshan Mellow Park to get used to the set up. While this was just...more

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